We have presses gooseneck 20 to 130 all controlled by PLC, with electronic single and double; the latter are suitable for shearing rapid long profiles up to 6m. For a better quality (in terms of deburring) of the product we vibroburatti and rotary sifters.

Industry Sectors

Meccanica FranchinĀ in over thirty years of activity has always set itself the objective to open up to as many sectors as possible in order to be able to handle the unique needs of diverse customers. This has brought considerable know-how, which has proved crucial to improve the technical support offered. Indeed it was possible to transfer across many productive experiences for products from different sectors.

List areas:

  • Automotive, marine, aviation (accessories)
  • Engines for agriculture (eg. Engine components, etc.)
  • Footwear components (eg. Bases, levers for shoes, boots etc.)
  • Electric-Electronic (eg. Battery contacts, reed valves, etc. .)
  • Forniture (eg. support for glass tables, brackets, supports, etc.)
  • Door and window (eg. brackets for doors, gates, etc.)
  • Urban furniture, building (eg. plates fixtures, etc.)
  • Hydraulic, hydraulic, pneumatic (eg. fittings, parts for valves, etc.)
  • Boiler (eg. brackets, supports, etc.)
  • Orthopedic (accessories)
  • Mechanical in general (machine components in small and medium series)